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Our history

Founded on Apr 8th, 2017, Backpackers Vietnam team started with a Facebook group for backpackers who did travel through Vietnam. There we keep collecting & providing useful tips for traveler who will or has been traveling in Vietnam as a backpacker. With nice effort of active admins & members that love to share their experience to others in order to make traveling Vietnam simpler & easier. The Backpackers Vietnam’s community has been continuously grown since the last 2 years.

The Backpackers Vietnam community is a non-commercial Facebook group with over 23K active members. And, majority of them are lovely travelers or backpackers who went backpacking Vietnam by different transportation means: motorbike, bus, train, air-plane & bike… After finishing the trip, they tend to remain active and helpful in the community to not only share the beautiful moments with others but also stay responsive to new members’ questions. Anything about traveling Vietnam, don’t hesitate to ask the Backpackers Vietnam community.

The Backpackers Vietnam team who like to stay anonymous now focus on free up-to-date Vietnam travel tips, interesting events, experience classes, off-the-beaten paths and hidden gems along Vietnam. The Backpackers Vietnam team encourage members to support the community instead of promoting one’s own business.


Our mission

Be kind, fair & supportive in the community.

Discover the hidden gems, provide accurate and latest relevant information, encourage nice travel spirit, keep the non-commercial media & maintain travel beauty.

With Backpackers Vietnam, you’ll travel wild & wise, see the best of Vietnam


Our vision

Backpackers Vietnam is the only reliable Vietnam travel information hub which remains up-to-date & contributes the best to the sustainable development of Vietnam travel and the society.

For more information, visit us at: https://backpackersvietnam.com/

You can find answers for most of the popular questions from the backpackers Vietnam’s community here on our site: BackFAQ

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