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Quang Binh is highly recommended to visitors as “The king of cave” with more than 300 small or big caves here. It’s widely well-known by Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park – UNESCO world heritage site and the biggest cave inside : Son Doong cave. They are absolutely 2 out of many stunning places that you can not miss in your travel list in Vietnam. Moreover, Quang Binh also become a paradise for who’d like to relax on the long-stretching beaches.

Explore the beautiful complex of caves in Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park.


City: Dong Hoi

Population: 887.595 (2018)

Square: 8.065,3 km2

Ethnicity: Vietnamese, Khua, Ma lieng,…

Quang Binh is bordered with Ha Tinh in the north, Quang Tri in the south and Laos neighbor in the west. Quang Binh, like other Central provinces, own the typical terrain with 85% of mountain area and the rest is delta.

quang binh

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It’s nothing wrong to name Quang Binh as a land of natural mystery due to the complex of magnificent caves. Quang Binh is absolutely one of the most famous tourist destinations in Central Vietnam. It attracts not only domestic visitors but also foreigners.

In addition, Quang Binh own many beautiful beaches and ancient architectures.


Affected by tropical monsoon climate, it usually rains heavily from September to November and relatively drys in almost remaining months of the year. Comparing to other Central provinces, the weather here is fresher and cooler. The best time to visit Quang Binh drops from March to June. The weather at this time is stable and warm.



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Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park is an unforgotten place when you visit Quang Binh. People come here because not only the stunning landscape but also its flora and fauna. Phong Nha – Ke Bang is a complex of majestic caves and ecological park. It includes many world famous caves such as Phong Nha cave, Paradise cave, Tien Son cave, … and the largest cave in the world: Son Doong cave. The complex is more than 5 kilometers in length and 1.233 kilometer square in area. Therefore, visitors should take more than 2 days to discover the caves completely.

quang binh

A dawn in En cave. Source: @mr.tun28

Located from 50 kilometers far from the centre of Dong Hoi city, the national park will make you separate from the noise and completely harmony with nature. Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park provide visitors many kinds of tour for exploring the nature, camping, or water activities.


Nhat Le and Bao Ninh is two beautiful beaches connected together lying in the center of Dong Hoi city. There are many people in the weekend for swimming and party activities. Immersing yourself in the cool water, looking at the endless blue sky will bring you an unforgettable relaxing feeling.

quang binh

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There are also many hotels and seafood restaurants for visitors. Especially, unlike other tourist restaurants, almost restaurants in Quang Binh donot over-increase the price.


Bang is one of the largest and most beautiful natural mineral hot stream in Vietnam. It becomes an eco-tourism and resort in Quang Binh and attracts many tourists every year. Beside the poetic natural scenery captivating people, the water in Bang mineral hot stream has many nutrients for health and dispels all fatigue, helping you to have comfortable and relaxing moments.

It is in process of building a resort there. The estimated finishing time is the end of 2020.



Different from banh xeo you’ve already known, Quang Binh pancake is made from the red rice, so that it has a little red color and pleasant fragrance. Pancake is often made with snake fish, shrimp, pork and bean sprouts. It is the most delicious to eat when it’s still hot together a spicy fish sauce.

quang binh

Quang Binh pancake. Source: quangbinhtravel.vn

Address: Ba Don market, Nam Ly market.


Few people know Quang Binh as a place of sea snake fishing technique. Dish from sea snake is quite strange to foreigners but popular and attractive in Vietnam. However, not all province can catch sea snake due to the dangerous poison of sea snake. Before, residents here catch sea snake to make some drinking dishes. Then, because of the nutrition and taste, sea snake become the main ingredient in many restaurants in Quang Binh.


Not only in Quang Binh, Vietnamese traditional cake become a breakfast, lunch, brunch or even dinner for almost Vietnamese human. The price for each is just 2.000 – 3.000 VND

Address: Tu Quy restaurant, Co Tam street.

Hoai Huong restaurant, Le Thanh Dong street.


Oysters are often found on Nhat Le river and make sure about freshness and sweetness.

Address: 18 Hoang Dieu street, Dong Hoi city. 

Thuy Duong restaurant, Phan Boi Chau street, Dong Hoi city.


With the 116 – kilometer length of coastline, Quang Binh own the variety in fresh seafood. Here is famous for sea cuttle which is highly recommended for visitors to order.

Address: along the Nhat Le beach, Bao Ninh beach. 


Budget hotels: Phu Cuong hotel, An Phu hotel, Sunrise hotel, Ban Mai hotel… near Nhat Le beach. The price is 400.000-600.000 VND per night.

Around Phong Nha area: Phong Nha Lake House, Phong Nha farmstay, Son Doong bugalow, ….

Luxury hotel: Muong Thanh luxury Nhat Le hotel, Vinpearl( around Nhat le beach area),Sun Spa resort (around Bao Ninh beach), Royal hotel( in the center of city),

Homestay: ADP Homestay – 42, Dong Minh street, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh.

Barefoot Homestay & Bar – 404 Nguyen Thi Dinh street, Ha thon, Dong Hoi city.

Lela Hostel – 22 lane 3, Ha Van Quan street, Nam Ly ward, Dong Hoi city.


By bus

The price to travel from Ha Noi to Quang Binh drops 200.000 – 300.000 VND and it takes around a half of day.

Some suggested bus: Hung Long – 0963.388.388, Co Huong travel – 0941.247.666, Ha Quang travel – 0967.778.772

Travel by bus from Hochiminh is not highly recommended because the distance is very far.

By plane

From Ha Noi or Hochiminh, you can easily take flight to Dong Hoi domestic airport through Vietnam airline, Bamboo Airways, Vietjet Air, Jetstar.

Address: Loc Ninh communce, Dong Hoi city, Quang Binh. 

By train

It seem to be an economic and convenient way to reach Quang Binh by train.

From Ha Noi, it takes about 10 hours to get Quang Binh. The price often fluctuates from 500.000 to 700.000 VND

If you are in Hue, or Da Nang, it take less time, specifically around 6 hours from Da Nang and 4 hours from Hue.


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