Quang Ngai

Quang Ngai – the highlight of culture in Viet Nam 

Quang Ngai is often referred as a land of rich culture and long revolution. Here is the home of Sa Huynh culture and Champa architecture in Viet Nam. Up to now, Quang Ngai keep itself the massive asset of cultural relics in both quantity and quality that’s hardly found in any Central provinces.


Area: 5.135,2 km2

City: Quang Ngai

Population: 1.231.697 (2019). Countryside take over nearly 84%.

Ethnicity: Vietnamese, Hre, Co, Xo-Đang,…

quang ngai

Source: baodautu.vn

Similar with other central provinces, Quang Ngai own itself the variety of topographic. In order from west to east, there are mountains, midlands, delta and coast. Quang Ngai province has a big advantage in fishing industry thanks to the coastline of 144 kilometers and 6 rich seaports.

  • Nothern border is Quang Nam.
  • Western border is Kon Tum and west-south border is Gia-lai
  • Southern border is Binh Dinh.
  • Eastern border is South China sea.
  • Quang Ngai province is budded as “a golden land” in relic. articularly in Ly Son Island, with an area of less than 10 km2 but there are up to 50 historical monuments, unique culture, beautiful natural landscapes.


Quang Ngai province has the monsoon climate so that it divides into 2 separated reasons: raining and sunny season. Rainy days last from September to December and the average temperature are around 20 Celsius degrees.

The best time to visit here drop from January to August. The weather is dry and sunny, sometimes windy and a little rainy. It is often between 25 and 29 Celsius degree on these days. However, the extreme hot days can reach 42 Celsius degree in temperature. Therefore, check the climate carefully before backpacking.



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It discover that ancient people buried the dead inside this jars. Source: googleusercontent.com

Sa Huynh culture appear and exist from about 100 years B.C to the 2nd century. Associated with Oc Eo culture and Dong Son culture, Sa Huynh create the Vietnamese culture triangle of the Stone Age. In 1909, the French archeologist M.Vinet is the first one to discover the big quantity of coffin by jars in Sa Huynh, Duc Tho, Quang Ngai. After that, more relics are excavated as an evidence to show the rich and diverse lives of ancient Sa Huynh human.

The first outdoor Sa Huynh culture exhibition room was built in Quang Ngai. Here currently exhibits many researches about languages as well as jewelry, tools, coffin…


Ly Son island is not only budded as a “natural pearl” for its charming and spectacular scenery but also famous for the variety of historical relics. In addition to the blue sea and white sandy beaches, there are many famous landscapes on the island such as Hang Pagoda, Duc Pagoda, An Hai village, Am Linh Temple, Paracels Museum, two volcanic peaks of Gieng Tien and Thoi Loi.

quang ngai

The picture was taken from the Thoi Loi mountain – the top of Ly Son island. Source: @belongtotuuli

Ly Son has the unique vestiges left by volcanic eruption, which make Ly Son island is different from the others in Viet Nam. Aftter Dong Van karst plateau and Non Nuoc Cao Bang, Quang Ngai’s authority is trying to make Ly Son-Sa Huynh become the Vietnam third UNESCO global Geopark in near years.





Speaking of rock sugar, Quang Ngai is one of the key provinces in sugarcane – the main material in producing rock sugar. Taking advantage of inherent ingredient, people here develop the rock sugar product to the best quality and high income.

quang ngai

“Duong phoi” is shaped in square.

Rock sugar in Quang Ngai is divided into 2 types: first one made from white sugar and yellow rock sugar made from molasses. They both taste mild sweet, pure and cool. Beside that, “duong phoi” is one of best selling product in Quang Ngai. “Duong phoi” can be eaten as a cake with tea, or considered as a core of Vietnamese cake.

The price for rock sugar : about 60 000 VND per kilogram

The price for “duong phoi”: about 60 000 VND per kilogram


Buying garlic as souvenir, are you kidding me?

I’m serious right now, guys. Ly Son island is known as “the kingdom of garlic” in Viet Nam. Especially, the brand of “lonely garlic” in Ly Son bring the big income for residents here. “Lonely garlic” is a garlic with only 1 glove inside in a natural way. Ly Son garlic has a distinctive flavour and high nutrition. They smell spicy and odorous, not tainted like the others, contain many oil good for health.

quang ngai

Source: @dao.lyson

Bring some garlic as gilf is a way to show that you have just return home from Ly Son – the beautiful island in Viet Nam.


By bus

Backpackers are easily to take an express bus ticket from other provinces to Quang Ngai. The cost varies from 100 000 VND to 400 000 VND depend on its distance.

quang ngai

Source: vntrip.vn

The bus station in Ho Chi Minh: 292 Dinh Bo Linh, Binh Thanh district, HCMC.

The bus station in Quang Ngai: 26 Le Thanh Ton, Nghia Tranh ward, Quang Ngai.

By airplane

In order to visit Quang Ngai, visits must drop at Chu Lai domestic airport in Quang Nam, nearly bordered with Quang Ngai. From Chu Lai airport, visits can take a taxi to reach here.

By motorbike

Along 1A high-way to reach Quang Ngai. I highly recommend you motorbike for all journey through central provinces in Viet Nam. Otherwise, you can rent a motorbike in the city and enjoy cuisine and landscape here.


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