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Event: Vietnam Trail Marathon 2020

VTM is the third race in the Vietnam Trail Series by Topas, organisers of Vietnam Mountain Marathon and Vietnam Jungle Marathon.

This race takes place on 11 Jan, 2020 in Moc Chau, an area famed for tea plantations and peach blossom orchards. The event will take place at the very height of beach blossom season, creating a running spectacle like no other.

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Upcoming-event Hung Vuong temple festival

Hung Vuong king's Temple Festival

Hung Vuong king’s temple festival is held annually on the official day- the tenth day of third lunar month. However, Vietnamese people often take place during 3 days from 8th to 11th in honour of Hung Kings.

Venue: Hung temple, Nghia Linh mountain, Viet Tri city, Phu Tho province.

This event is free.

Many people gather under temple waiting the worship activities. The procession starts at the foot of the mountain, and stops at every small temple before reaching the highest temple. Here, pilgrims offer prayers and incense to their ancestors.




watch fireworks vietnam

Vietnam National Holiday

On Sept. 2th, 1945, Vietnam declared its independence, forming the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

To celebrate Vietnam national day, the red flats are displayed everywhere through Vietnam country. In Ba Dinh Square in Ha Noi, where Declaration of Independence was made, people gather to listen the speeches, watching paradise and firework to remind the heroic victory after 75 years.


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Breaking Vietnam - Freestyle Session Vietnam

Breaking Vietnam is the first official tournament to be led and approved by the Vietnam Gymnastics Federation, Vietnam Dance Council, Department of Culture and Sports of Ho Chi Minh City, and the GMV team together. This is aimed at creating a movement to train and prepare athletes (athletes) to participate in the upcoming international Breaking competitions. 

The event include many kind of dancing battle such as Bboy, Bgirl,.. specially, battle 5-5 can be available for foreigners in Vietnam.

Time: 19/06 – 21/06/2020

Venue: Nguyen Hue walking street

Fee: free

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upcoming events - 30/4

Vietnam Reunification Day

The April 30th mark the important event in Viet Nam – Reunification Day or Victory Day after defeating France army out of Vietnam.

On that day, The national flat of vietnam appear on each house to celebrate the reunification of South and North region. In Ho Chi Minh, firework is often launched at 3 main venues: Sai Gon river, Landmark 81 building and Vinhomes Center Park.

Time: evening on April 30th, 2020.

The event is free.