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Sharing your real experience when Backpacking Vietnam 

Vietnam is likely the top of the bucket list for many backpackers to Southeast Asia. 

This website is the place for Vietnam Backpackers community to share their real experience, latest tips, funny stories and inspire other backpackers all around the world. We want to leave backpackers inspired to want to travel and experience what you have done.


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We create this website with the collection of articles and travel advice put together by people of all nationalities, ages and travel styles. In this part, backpackers can look for important travel information while backpacking in Vietnam, entry visas, Vietnam hostels, beautiful places to go and so much more by lots of voices. 

You can submit your own articles about travel guides, hidden jams and they will be published and read by our Community.

So let’s start sharing with us those exciting travel stories, we can’t wait to hear it from you!

Vietnam Backpacker Writers – Review Trips for Inspiring and Free

Vienam Backpackers Team decided to build a collection of bookable trips and tours on our website, based on the recommendations of you.

You can check out some of the experiences that backpackers have reviewed for free through Vietnam Backpacker on our Website and Facebook Group. 

Due to the sheer number of articles we receive we regret that we are not able to give suggestions or discuss article ideas with potential writers, five feedback or respond to articles submitted. 

Type of articles are we looking for

Featured Articles:

Featured articles can be opinion pieces, destination spotlights, a trip review, a story about a recent travel experience or an opinion on a particular aspect of backpacking in Southeast Asia. We are open to writing that’s humorous or controversial as well as serious and practical travel advice. See our latest articles here for ideas. Or if you wish to remain anonymous that’s fine.

Travel Guides:

We are always looking to add new travel guides to our website, particularly to destinations that are a less-visited and off the beaten track! Before submitting a travel guide, please check that we haven’t already covered it on our website. 

If we’ve already published a guide to the place you had in mind, it’s better just to send us updates via our contact form than to submit a new guide. We will still credit the new information with your name if you like, 

How we usually structure our Travel Guides:

Introduction – Write a few attention-grabbing lines that sum up the place that you have just visited. 

Time Visiting? – Is it the suitable time to visit this places? How do you feel about the climate here.

What to do? – Tell us how did you spend our time. Have you visit famous places there? How do you feel about that and what entertainment activities have you experience? Feel free to share you guide with us. 

Where to stay? – Tell us about the particular areas that are best suited for backpackers. If you like you can recommend specific hostels, hotels or homestays that you visited during your trip.

Things to eat – You may have some must-try dishes and street-food whilst in your destination.

Getting there and Getting around – Let us know how to reach this place and how t move around. Is it best to fly? Bus it? Walk? orTrain?

Where to go next? Depend on your experience, what place do you think that it is worthy to visit next? We highly recommend a couple of places that are logical to visit next after this destination.

Q&A for Writers

How many words should your articles should be? 

The more the better! If you’ve got a lot to say, then just it! The minimum is 600 words.

How long should your bio? 

Just a few sentences about you; where you’re from and where you’ve travelled.

How am I credited for my article? 

Along with your article or travel guide, please send us a few sentences about you; where you’re from, where you’ve travelled and any other relevant info. We’re happy to include links to your personal travel blog and social networking sites in the bio. at the bottom of the page. Please see some examples of author bios. 

Should you include photos? 

Yessss! If you have any problems uploading photos with the form below, please send them to write at https://backpackersvietnam.com/

We want photos of the landscape, food and any activities you tried. 

What if you have a great article, but no photos? 

You can either find some ‘usage rights’ free images on Google and send them to us. You can ask fellow travellers for their photos in our Facebook Group. Or, you can just submit your article without photos and we can use some from our photo bank. 

Should you include links within my article? You can include relevant links to other travel articles or websites where people can find more information about what you’re talking about if you like.




  • We will share your articles on social media. We want to share your article with as many people as possible. If you have a page for your travel blog on Facebook or any Social Media, we’ll link to it.
  • Your article must be unique. You can not send an article that you have already published before. To avoid penalties from Google, we cannot publish an article that has already been published on your own blog or elsewhere online, so please do not just copy and paste one of your own blog articles. 




Description about the way to submit the article

  • Write a short description about yourself. 

  • Write your title.

  • Write a short description of your article. (About 70 words long.)

  • Write the content of your article. (Recommended length 600-1500 words.) Add images to your article are recommended.

  • Submit you articles to email [email protected] with the title form [For Copywriter][Your name][Title of the Article]

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We aim to keep this website as up to date as possible, but we can’t do that without your help! If you need any help, suggest an edit or an update, please feel free to contact us via email [email protected] 

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