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Daklakan is a young and passionate agriculture company dedicated to changing the agriculture of Daklak province, specializing on macadamias nut .

Daklakan believes in sustainable agriculture practices that protect and preserve our natural resources. They are committed to providing farmers with the tools and knowledge they need to succeed in this new era of agriculture.

DaklakanAt Daklakan company, the founders believe that it is important to support the growth and development of hometown communities, and they strive to do this through a variety of initiatives, including promoting local products and providing support for small-scale farmers. Whether you are looking to buy fresh macadamias produce or support local businesses.

For whom who care about improving life of Vietnam Ethnic minorities
DAKLAKAN is a company that makes a fair produce of organic macadamias grown by local people in Edistrict Eahleo, Daklak province.
daklakanEach “Daklakan macadamias” product sold will be contributed 1000 vnd profit in to the work of improving social and life standards of the Ethnic children at that village. By the following efforts of:
• Supplying necessities
• Popularizing knowledge about environment and health
• Building the infrastructure.
• Building a clean and sustainable agricultural ecosystem.
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