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If you’re looking for an affordable tour of the Dong Van karst plateau, look no further than our cheap tour. Our expert guides will show you all the highlights of this unique geological formation, and you’ll be able to explore it at your own pace. So what are you waiting for?

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  8:00 am BF, depart to Bac Sum Pass – the most steep and winding slope of Ha Giang. The special thing about this slope is that its curves are soft and attractive, like an endless stretch of silk that offers graceful, soft dances between four high rocky terraces original. 

ha giang cheap tour  Stop at a café shop for a cup of coffee at Heaven Gate before climb on a tower to watch over view of Tam Son town which lies next to the Twin Mountains, its famous for the Fairy bosom legend. Through Quan Ba town, visit Lung Khuy cave. Lung Khuy Cave is 300m long with many different branches, this is a very pristine cave with many magnificent stalactites, strange shapes stimulate the imagination of visitors.

  From the parking lot, trekking 3km up to mountain to the entrance. Stalactites (from the ceiling) are built up from many successive growth layers and almost always have pointed tips. The drop leaves a few crystals of the mineral calcite behind, and a stalactite begins to grow. Drop after drop, over hundreds and thousands of years, can end up leaving some big stuff! Our new cave is filling back in with rock from above, and tiny cracks up there are growing into more new cave.

11h30: Approaching Quan Ba for lunch, have a rest then drive through cypress forest.

Golden Cypress is member of taxonomically isolated monotype genus. It represents strict local endemism of rocky limestone areas of northern Vietnam.

                                  5:00 PM check-in Hoang Vu homestay as the unique homestay lies on mountain side, has a stunning view of the valley of rice terrace.

Afternoon tea while watching the colour of sky changes.

                              7:00 PM Family dinner. You have chance to test your singing, let’s Karaoke.  


  7:00 AM Breakfast with hot coffee, watch sunrise, then heading to Pho Cao with spectacular Dong Van Karst Plateau UNESCO Global Geopark, visit H’mong kings place after passing Lung Cam, Pho Cao, Pho Bang villages.

dong van karst plateau cheap tour   Arriving Tham Ma pass. Tham Ma pass as a must see point, in the past, in the old days this pass was used to test horses, the horses carried load of goods, which ones could reach the top of the pass they are kept and looked after well, the  ones couldn’t would be killed for Thang Co – a traditional dish of mountain people.

   After cutting along steep, treeless valleys, the road winds up to what has become known as the ‘Nine-Turn Pass‘. A helter-skelter stretch of tarmac, this pass is a favourite photo-opportunity for road-trippers. From the top, you can see the road snaking down to a flat valley encased by limestone karsts. A little further on, a left turn (due north) offers the opportunity for a short side route, heading to the market town of Pho Bang and a remote Chinese border.

  Visit Vuong’place. Vuong’s Palace is home to Vuong Duc Chinh and his son Vuong Chi Sinh. Vuong Duc Chinh was a mandarin under Nguyen Dynasty. After selecting a piece of land, Vuong Chinh Duc spent 8 years and about 150,000 coins of silver. Most construction workers were from China and the most skillful craftsmen of Hmong. The wooden parts were sophisticatedly engraved which represented his wealth and prosperity.

  Through the lines of ancient cypresses which stand pensively in front of the main gate, The palace were built with 4 horizontal and 6 vertical rows, 2 stories and 64 rooms. Over a long period of time, the building has partly been spoiled but still remains in its original figure.

12:00PM Lunch, have a rest.

  Keep going to Lung Cu flag pole. The Lung Cu flagpole, marking the country’s extreme north, is a popular tourist destination that inspires a deep sense of pride in Vietnamese. From a distance, Lung Cu is a spectacular sight with the view dominated by giant boulders and the national flag flying above Dragon Mountain, all set to the backdrop of magnificent forests.

ha giang loop tour  6:00 PM: Arrive Dong Van old quarter town. Dong Van is the northernmost district of Ha Giang province and located in the most unique karst plateau geopark in Vietnam. Arriving in Dong Van, tourists will have the chance to admire the majestic beauty of rolling mountains and forests as well as to learn more about the daily life of Dong Van residents. The Dong Van market is one of the most popular visiting sites for tourists.

 5:00PM Check-in Ly Hoan homestay in the center of Dong Van old quarter.

7:00PM Enjoin family dinner with 7 dishes of ethnic style, then a cup of tea at an ancient house café shop of H’mong people.

Dong Van Karst Plateau cheap tour gives you the opportunity to explore the amazing limestone formations, underground rivers, and caves. This tour is a great way to see the country’s natural beauty.

Day 3: Dong Van – Ma Pi Leng Pass – Meo Vac – Du Gia village

6:00 AM breakfast.

Visit Dong Van ethnic market with local specialties. Different ethnic groups, each group of people eagerly go to the market with pedestrians carrying baskets of vegetables, fruits, chicken, birds, buffaloes, cows, … all those are carried on bicycles, motorbikes. Customers are dressed in colourful ethnic from hamlet, vilages.

ha giang cheap tour Get on bike to Ma Pi Leng pass which 10km away from Dong Van,its between Dong Van and Meo Vac, this pass gives stunning views of the mountains and sweeping valleys. The Ma Pi Leng Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 1.500m (4,921ft) above the sea level, it’s the most astonishing mountain road in all of Vietnam.

The road was built in the 60s of the 20th century by a lot of workers who worked very hard for 11 years to build this road. Stop at the pit stop to watch over view of romantic, stunning scenery.It is known as the King of passes in Vietnam. There are sheer drops virtually along the entire route and enough hairpins to make a whirling dervish dizzy. A quick glance at the map at its sheer drops and serpentine twists and turns, confirms that this is no hype. The 20km long climb inspired many people to travel to witness its breathtaking beauty.
The road to the summit, regarded as “ Vietnam’s Great Wall ”,  feels like a scene from a fairytale. This is an exquisite winding mountain drive with sharp and blind curves and hairpin switchbacks leading the traveler over the mountains. At the top of the pass there’s a stone stele recording the marks in the construction process.

Passthe Tu San chasm on Nho Que river – the deepest canyon in South Asia.

12:00 Lunch break in Mau Due.

A couple hours from from Mau Due will start another harrowing climb up threw the massive green mountains. This is where you will get some outstanding views of the nature and rice paddies.

Once you start getting closer to Du Gia you’ll be driving through landscapes that you never thought existed. Bringing a feeling like you are on a different planet! Multi-colored rocks, towering mountains, and tiny villages with not another tourist in sight! Eventually you’ll arrive in Du Gia, a small village with a few restaurants and guesthouses. Although this is the first semblance of tourism you’ll have seen all day, Du Gia still retains its local spirit.

6:00PM Check-in Du Gia homestay. Family dinner. The last night for Karaoke chance! Let’s chill out!


7:00 BF and coffee, watch sunrise rising from the rice terrace paddies.

Have a swim at a waterfall, remember to bring your swimming suit. Back to homestay to check out.

Go back to Hagiang city. On the way back, visit Lung Tam linen village. Nestled under the foot of hills in Quan Ba, Lung Tam Village attracts many travelers from near and far owing to its astonishing landscape and serenity and Mong ethnic minority women in colorful attire.

ha giang loop tour

Bản đồ du lịch phượt Hà Giang

It takes some 41 steps to weave a piece of cloth. In brief, people have to dry the flax, take out the fiber, crush and boil it in ash and wax water before threading yarn on a loom. A finished cloth needs to be washed for about ten times and rubbed with beeswax until it becomes smooth and silky. The hospitality of ethnic minority children and adults warms visitors who put on three or four jackets and traverse hundreds of kilometers of winding roads and in cold weather to the village. There, they are welcomed by friendly smiles and greetings of locals, particularly lasses.

What surprises visitors to the village is that the Mong women do not need to wear shawls and jackets in such a harsh weather, as their clothes made of linen help keep them warm from the bitter cold in the mountainous region.

Keep going to Yen Minh, same way back to Hagiang. Visit villages of Tay ethnic people in Thon Tha.

Happy End Tour.  Thank you!

ha giang loop tourOption1 : Stay for the night at our hostel, back to Hanoi at 9AM on the next day.

Option2: Have shower (FREE at our hostel), dinner, get on bus to Hanoi / Catba / Halong / Sapa.

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