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10+ things should do on Tet

In Vietnam, as well as almost Eastern countries, Tet seem to be the biggest and most important occasion in the year. In those days, from Dec 30th to Jan 3rd Lunar Year, people believe that their behaviors will bring the fate for all year. Therefore, how necessary it is to find out all traditional things should do on Tet holiday for backpackers to avoid being kicked out of the house.

10+ things should do on tet

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I ask my mothers many times the reason for things Vietnamese should do on Tet such as how it forms, when and why? My mother just answer :” from our ancestors’ experiences”. And when i grow up, i realise it’s not important anymore to know why it form. These traditional  things become an indispensable point in every Tet in Vietnam.


1.Put on the bright-colored clothes

Red in Feng Shui represent for the lucky, flourishing, richness and protection. Therefore, red is considered as a dominant color in Tet. Besides that, some bright-colors such as yellow, pink, orange… are believed to bring new things for a new year.

2. Visit the temple

Visiting the pagoda is one of the most meaningful religious activities in Vietnamese culture on Tet.

10+ things should do on tet

Source: vov1.vn

On the first three days of lunar new year, Vietnamese people prefer to visit temple to receive peace and safety in the next year. They pray for health, peace, lucky and richness.

3. Pick the buds

Buds are new and young, so that they represent for fortune. This tradition comes from the Hung king when he and his wife pick the best buds to give their children in the new year.

Every new year, Vietnamese always pick a young leave, a bud from other houses and bring to their house.

4. Li xi – giving lucky money

Li xi or giving lucky money is absolutely the most interesting things should do on Tet. Tet is an meaningful occasion for descendants to give the best wishes to the olders. Children will stand in front of the older, wish the best to them and receive the lucky money from the older.

10+ things should do on tet

One of top things should do on Tet is giving lucky money and wish the best to family members. Source: vov2.vn

Lucky money hand over the wish for heath and peace to each other.

5. Avoid sweeping out

If you are invited to any Vietnamese family, remember not sweeping out. If not, you should prepare to be kicked out of the house.

Despite an spiritual activity, don’t sweep in three days of Tet become the featured things should do on Tet. People think that sweeping out will throw all lucks and money away. Year by year, don’t sweep during Tet bring the joy to a child like us. We try to sweep carefully in order not to sweep anything out of the house.

6. Buy salt

“Buy salt at the beginning of the year” is a reminder of the ancestors on what things should do on Tet.

According to the concept of Vietnamese, salt exorcise evil, bad spirits, bring good luck to the family. Salt is also a symbol of warm, strength and fullness. Therefore, Vietnamese people often buy a tiny red salt bag on the 1st of the New Year with the meaning of praying for the best.

7. Xong dat

” Xong dat” activity means the action of first person step on your house. On the New Year’s Day, the first guest coming to the house plays an important role because they are believed to hold in their hand all the lucks of the family.. Therefore, some grandmother also have the fortune teller to find out the suitable one for “xong dat” activity.

Young people nowaday do not really consider this spiritual trust. However, it’s always one of the traditional culture should follow in Tet of Vietnamese. Don’t indifferently come in your Vietnamese friends on the first day of lunar new year if no invitation.

8. Avoid breaking

10+ things should do on Tet

Source: danviet.vn

Breaking or cutting hair should be avoided to do in the new year. It is derived from the thought that broken thing symbolized the unlucky, division in a family. Be careful with any things around you if you don’t want to bring the bad thing to you.

9. Don’t open the wardrobe

Don’t open the wardrobe maybe just suitable to use in Vietnam because people tend to keep all money in the wardrobe.

I remember on the eve night, we are busy with choosing the best clothes to dress on the 1s and hang them out of the wardrobe. From a child, my mother is taught to should not open the wardrobe on the first day of new year to avoid the money out.

10. Avoid borrowing money

Noone hope a year with loans and debts. Therefore, they try to pay the debt off at the end of the year and avoid borrowing money in the new year.

11. Say good words

Of course, the last things should do on Tet for all of you, guys are that say the good words and smile more. It’s a little bit nonsense and crazy thought but oke. Avoid saying bad word or being angry on Tet will bring a new year with full happiness, luck and laugh.

12. Prepare the Tet featured dishes

Cuisine in Tet really attracted to anyone by the various color and special taste. Preparation for Tet dishes is one of the indispensable things should do on Tet.

10+ things should do on Tet

Source: cooky.vn

Beside some must-have food such as banh chung, banh tet (sticky cake), dua mon, salted meat,…there should be some dishes like bitter gourd, stewed meat,… In Vietnamese, bitter gourd means the hard period passed away and stewed meat with the hope of richness.


In conclusion, all traditional things above shows that Vietnamese care a lot about things should do on Tet so as to bring the health and wealth for new year. The spiritual customs is built and developed by our ancestors long time ago. Every Tet comes, all traditional beauty is performed and remind the Vietnam young generation of their culture.

Remember 10+ traditional things should do on Tet to have the meaningful lunar new year in Vietnam. Thank you for reading.


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