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Top 10 best places to watch fireworks on Vietnam National holidays 1
On Vietnam National Day, have you found a good place to watch fireworks? Let's Backpackers Vietnam team suggest 10 best places to watch the firewords in big cities. 
Vietnam often organizes fireworks on the occasion of the 74th August Revolution Day and the National Day on the evening of September 2. This occasion is a milestone, which is really important to Vietnamese. You can find more interesting events recommend by Backpackers Vietnam Team in the Up-Coming Events.

Places to watch fireworks in Hanoi

Watch fireworks in Hanoi capital at 5 locations

  1. Hoan Kiem Lake
  2. Thong Nhat Park
  3. My Dinh National Stadium
  4. Nguyen Hoang Ton flower garden – Tay Ho District
  5. Ho Van Quan – Ha Dong District. 

Duration of fireworks: 15 minutes, from 21:00 PM – 21:15 PM 2nd, September  2019

Normally, the banks of Hoan Kiem Lake, Thong Nhat Park and My Dinh Stadium are very crowded. If you want a good location to watch fireworks, you should arrive early, find safe places to send your car. The best way is to find an elevated cafe with a wide view to admire the magnificent fireworks display, but the location is often set early.


Top 10 best places to watch fireworks on Vietnam National holidays 2

Hoan Kiem Lake: You can choose the location around the lake, the sidewalks of surrounding streets such as Ba Trieu, Trang Thi and Hang Dao with direct access to the lake. The above cafes around this area: Coffee club, overhead coffee cluster in some buildings, Skyline, Rooftop (Pacific Place, Ly Thuong Kiet Street). In addition, you can walk to Long Bien Bridge to watch fireworks.

Thong Nhat Park: You don’t have to enter the campus to watch fireworks because the park fence’s quite low. However, if you send the car inside, you can admire the most complete fireworks display. Usually, fireworks points are located on Thong Nhat Park – in the middle of the lake. The high-class cafes around this area are not a lot, in return, the houses around here are not so high that you can see fireworks easily. The most visible place in this area’s the Hexa club in the C’land building.

My Dinh Stadium: This place is considered to be the most viewable in the city because there’s almost no high-rise building with visibility. You don’t need to send a car to see the fireworks, can stand in the square or neighboring apartment buildings. In the meantime, viewers can sit in cafes opposite the square, in the Water Sports Palace campus, where you can also see fireworks.

Ho Van Quan: This’ an ideal place for people in Hanoi’s Southwestern areas to watch fireworks. Due to shooting at the lake, viewers are not obscured by tall buildings. This location’s convenient for traffic, less congested. In the apartment complex, a large number of people will watch from their balcony.

Places to watch fireworks in Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City will fire fireworks at 3 locations

  1. The head of Saigon River Tunnel – Thu Thiem Ward, District 2 and
  2. Landmark Building – Vinhomes Park area in Vinhomes Center Park urban area – Ward 22, Binh Thanh District.
  3. Dam Sen Park – Ward 3, District 11. 

Duration of fireworks: 15 minutes, from 21:00 PM – 21:15 PM 2nd, September 2019. 

Top 10 best places to watch fireworks on Vietnam National holidays 3


Landmark Building – Ward 22, Binh Thanh District: The simplest is that people can walk around Vinhomes Park, wait until the eve of the moment to join their family and friends to enjoy the fireworks.


Saigon River Tunnel – Thu Thiem Ward, District 2: You can go to the cafes on Tran Nao Street or wait on the sidewalk at the streets at the foot of Saigon Bridge.

Particularly for high fireworks points in the Saigon -Thu Thiem tunnel, the roads in District 1 are believed to be the most obvious places to watch fireworks such as Nguyen Hue Street, Ham Nghi Street … After visiting, taking photos with flower lines, watching cultural performances, counting down, Ho Chi Minh City residents will enjoy the fireworks shining in the sky without moving much.

Many young Vietnamese often choose to Thu Thiem Bridge, connecting between District 2 and Binh Thanh District. This is the ideal location to watch clear and cool fireworks again. However, this is a place that should not be viewed because of its traffic.

Places to watch fireworks in Danang

Da Nang city will have only one fireworks location

Han River

Duration of fireworks: 15 minutes, from 21:00 PM – 21:15 PM on 2nd, September 2019

To not miss the exciting 2nd September fireworks show in Danang, you can choose the ideal fireworks viewing locations below: 

Top 10 best places to watch fireworks on Vietnam National holidays 4

Source: @vntravelgate

Yacht Da Nang: Da Nang yacht is also listed in the list one of the most beautiful places to watch fireworks in Da Nang. The form of Da Nang yacht in recent years has become more and more popular. You can admire the beauty on both sides of the river, the glow of the bridges at night. And this is also the ideal place to see the spectacular fireworks displays that you cannot ignore.

Han River Bridge: Han River Bridge is one of the places in Danang to watch fireworks The bridge is located right next to fireworks point. With “free tickets”, Han River Bridge is the choice of many people here. Here, you can also capture beautiful moments, admire almost completely.

Dragon Bridge: One of the places to watch fireworks in Danang cannot help mentioning it is the Dragon Bridge. Dragon Bridge is not only a symbol for Danang but also a symbol for Vietnam. From Dragon bridge, you can look by a magnificent and most brilliant way. And of course, tickets to the Dragon Bridge are “free” already!

You should take advantage of going early to choose for yourself a nice position to help you. Don’t forget to find a parking space because vehicles will be prohibited from entering the area.

There are also many excellent art programs

In addition to the fireworks program, there are also special cultural, art, sports performances, etc at fireworks points. At the same time, there are also meaningful activities to celebrate the National Day of September 2 such as incense, parade in squares and many routes.

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