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Ha Tinh – the land of sunny and windy.

Ha Tinh is known not only by majestic mountains and rivers but also historical and cultural value. If you are looking for a land of unspoiled and poetic destinations, a land of historical relics, don’t forget to take a rest at Ha Tinh during your journey. 

If you are wonderring when is the best time to travel Ha Tinh, How to get here or accommodation in Ha Tinh, find more here: Ha Tinh


ha tinh

Overview of Huong Tich padoda, Ha Tinh. Source: baomoi.vn

Huong Tich pagoda, also known as Huong Tich Co Tu, located on the Huong Tich peak – one of the most beautiful peaks of Hong Linh mountain range. The pagoda with many landscapes around are worthy of being ranked in “Top 21 landscapes of the ancient Vietnam”. Backpackers are definitely surprised mixed with admired by the magnificent beauty of the mountain landscapes when taking a view from above.


Huong Tich pagoda is 27 kilometers far from the center of Ha Tinh city. There are 2 ways to reach the Huong Tich mountain foot:

  • By boat: it takes about 10 minutes to travel by motorboat. Normally, you must wait until there is enough passengers on the boat. Or you can book your own one with the cost of 75.000 VND per single way.
  • By motorbike: it costs 50.000 VND for a motorbike.
ha tinh

Source: @hohungcuong

From the foot of the mountain, you can choose to walk or cable car to the top. If you love adventure and discovery, you can walk to the temple by the mountain road. It takes more than 1 hour (5 kilometers) to reach the top. More people prefer to take the cable car. The round-trip ticket is 160.000 VND/person.

If you go up by walking and go down by cable car. The single ticket for cable car is 120.000 VND.


ha tinh

Source: @haa_tungg

Along the highway 1A to backpack from the North to South of Vietnam, there are many beautiful passes through. Ngang pass is one of them. It It, lying the Hoang Son mountain range, connects 2 provinces: Quang Binh and Ha Tinh. The pass reaches 6 kilometers in length and 256 meters in height. If you travel Ha Tinh by motorbike from Quang Binh, don’t miss the chance to test your driver’s license through the wingding roads of Ngang pass.

Backpackers can find the monument of Hoanh Son Quan when reach near the top of the pass. It is a stone gate built in 1833 under Minh Mang King in order to take control residents coming over the pass. Hoanh Son Quan, called by the local people, is “Heaven Gate”. Because from here, visitors can have the panoramic view of mountain and sky and take a deep breath in a fresh air.


The mountainous pass will bring you adventure and dangers as well. Be careful when driving. Don’t be ignored by the beautiful scenes here.

After passing the tunnel, you will explore the most beautiful part of Ngang pass on the top of Ngang pass – Hoanh Son Quan gate for sightseeing.

If you go further to Ngang pass toward Quang Binh, there are Lieu Hanh temple – an architectural and religious relic or Hon La, Canh Duong, Yen Island …



Thien Cam, located about 20 kilometers far from the city center to the south, is the most beautiful beach of Ha Tinh. The beach of nearly 3 kilometers has the bow shape surrounded by Thien Cam Mountain, Dau Voi Mountain, along with Cum Nay Cum Con mountain. You’re definitely surprised by the magical and unspoiled beauty here.

ha tinh

Source: @habi.94

Thien Cam, in Vietnamese, means a song of heaven by musical instrument. Because coming here, you will enjoy the sound of the waves crashing into the stone, harmonizing with the wind. It becomes a melody like the sounds of the heaven that Gods have bestowed for anyone visiting Thien Cam beach.



Riding along the highway 1A from the center of Ha Tinh city, then turn left to TL4 road in Thien Cam town, you will reach the beach.

Rental electric car to go around Thien Cam beach and some temples: 50.000 VND/per car, available for 7-8 persons.

Rental boat to explore the island: you can ask the receptionist or staff of nearly restaurant for book a boat: 500.000 VND per boat

Squid fishing in night: a million VND/group of around 20 persons

Rental double bike: 30.000 VND / hour

ha tinh

Source: @nhi.poonie

Best restaurants: Tuan Vinh restaurant, opposite to the gate of the Ministry of Public Security hotel. And Ngoc Ty Restaurant.


Mention Ha Tinh, we can’t help remembering the legendary junction where is the place of worthship 10 young girls sacrificed in the war against US Air Force. Dong Loc T-junction is located on the Ho Chi Minh trail through the Truong Son mountain range in Ha Tinh province. This is one of the important traffic routes during the war. Therefore, the US military concentrated many bombs with the aim to cut off ration’s supply for the southern battlefield.

Dong Loc T-junction is located in a triangular valley, flanked by bare hills and mountains. Anyone who comes to Ha Tinh once visit this place to relive the heroic history of the nation.


The ticket: free

To visit the Dong Loc relic, visitors can follow 2 directions:

  • from the center of Ha Tinh city, go straght on highway 1A, then turn left to DT2 road.
  • from the center of Ha Tinh city, then follow DT3 and turn right to highway 15.


Ke Go lake is the artificial lake for irrigation and currently the biggest lake in Ha Tinh. The lake owns the charming scenery and the fresh air. What is more interesting when you can sail on the lake, feel the pristine beauty, wildness of the forests and take a cool breath here. If you are plainning to go camping, Ke Ho lake will be one of the best choice for you. At night, under the moonlight and stars, it become more mysterious because of the sound of the waves, the forest’s breeze the sound of animals chatting each other.

ha tinh

Source: @lehuyentrang2294

There is a bridge over the lake which leads to the temple of worship the late General Secretary Le Duan.


From the center of Ha Tinh, you follow Ha Huy Tap street (highway 1A), then turn right on Cam Xuyen – Ke Go street.

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