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Top 8 best places to live in Vietnam 1

Vietnam, beside some famous feature destinations such as Ha Long Bay & Hoi An ancient town, the cities of Vietnam is where the country’s magic happens. 

There’re many best places to live in the world including Vietnam. So, where to begin when you have read a lot of recommendations on the internet? Vietnam Backpackers will give you more reasons to believe that there’s a place in Vietnam that’s perfect for you to live. Here comes the list of best places to live in Vietnam by its characteristics. Enjoy! 

The best city in Vietnam for nightlight: Ho Chi Minh City

Ho Chi Minh City is a never-sleep City. You can find anything even at 2-3 AM. Where to visit when the sun goes down? Nguyen Hue Walking Street is a place where you can watch the art performances, eat street food and watch the bustling street in the city center at the same time. Along the two sides, modernly buildings and a lots coffee shop. For the young one who loves coffee and the busy life, this is definitely one of the best places in Vietnam to have fun. 

The most famous building you need to know is Apartment No. 42 Nguyen Hue, with 9 floors, this is a familiar place for Saigonese at night. Visit Nguyen Hue “The Cafe” Apartment building – A place for coffee lovers and wanderers and find your own destination. You can read the detail of this building here



Top 8 best places to live in Vietnam 2

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Bui Vien – the “Foreigners Street” is also an attractive place to come at night. Another spot, you can go to Ben Thanh Market at night for a unique and ironic spot of street food. 

The best city in Vietnam for Vietnam culture: Hue city

Coming to Hue, you can explore one of the most charming towns in Vietnam. Famous for its rich historical past, this is a must-see city if you are a history lover. The complex of Hue Monuments is a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is a world-famous place already. 

Top 8 best places to live in Vietnam 3
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The massive complex features hundreds of monuments and ruins, such as the Imperial City, royal tombs, pagodas, the Forbidden Purple City, once the residence of the royal family and badly damaged during the Vietnam War. 

The best city in Vietnam for chilling: Sapa 

Sapa is recently called one of the 50 most beautiful places on the planet. With the height about over 1600 meters above sea level, the average temperature in Sapa is about 17- 20 Celcius. The nickname of Sapa is “Foggy City” – 

Yet, at noon, it is as sunny and cloudless as in summer. In the evening, it drastically changes into coldness just as in winter. This is actually a unique advantage, making Sapa different from anywhere else in the nation. Sometimes, after an unexpected rain, a rainbow may appear turning Sapa into a beautifully magic land with seven colors! So, remember to bring your best camera so as not to miss this magnificent view!


Top 8 best places to live in Vietnam 4

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The best city in Vietnam for best beaches: Nha Trang 

Owning one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, Nha Trang is the ideal place for those who love beaches. The most interesting point of this city is the interference between a place for relaxing by the beaches and a bustling urban life. The perfectly white sand is juxtaposed to the clear blue. No doubt, you’ll want to open up a beach chair on any (or all) of these beaches. 

Nha Trang, The best place in Vietnam for the best chilling beach

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The best city in Vietnam for street food: Danang 

Located in the Central of Vietnam, Danang City attracts millions of travelers yearly. Especially, there are many street foods in the city proper and its suburbs. You can easily find food in vendors in every street of Danang. it is a really good experience for you to go through some famous markets in this city and eat this special food. This is worth one of the best places to live in Vietnam. 

You can find lots of delicious food at @foodydanang

Top 8 best places to live in Vietnam 5

The best places to live in Vietnam with fewer visitors: Quy Nhon & Ha Giang 

Having the pace of life is much slower than in other tourism cities, Quy Nhon has its very unique beauty. This place’s culture and its landscape mean that it’s certainly worth the visit.

In Ha Giang, the most prominent one is Lung Cu flagpole and the northernmost point of Vietnam. Many people also come to Ha Giang because they are fascinated with the winding roads along the towering mountains. Ha Giang is always beautiful, not only because of the seasons but all four seasons of the year.

Top 8 best places to live in Vietnam 6

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The road to Ha Giang is famous for its long, beautiful passes and also extremely “difficult”. What is more like when you experience the feeling of buzzing ears, the hairs of the neck stand up because of fear and criticism when you pass the pass, don’t you dare backpackers?

The best city in Vietnam for relaxing: Da Lat 

Dalat is the ideal place for those who love quiet, peaceful, escape the noise of the town. Differ from other cities, the average temperature here is just about 17-25 Celsius Degree. Needless to say, Da Lat is one of the best places to live in Vietnam, where you can really look for relaxing. 

Dalat the best place in Vietnam for relaxing

A farm in Dalat

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And the people in Dalat are also some of the most chilled out people you’ll meet.

The best places to live in Vietnam for scenery lovers: Ninh Binh & Ha Long

Trang An – one of the most famous tourist areas of Ninh Binh today. The pristine and beautiful natural scenery of Trang An has been recognized by UNESCO as a natural and cultural heritage site in the world. The scene here is made up of a river running through the limestone mountains, creating countless mysterious, mysterious caves.

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Backpackers are definitely satisfied by the charming beauty of this place. Not too much preparation, you can just bring a backpack up and explore all the beautiful places here, you will have an interesting trip. In addition, if you know the film Kong: Skull Island, Ninh Binh is its film studio. 

Halong Bay is known as not only a UNESCO world heritage but also one of the world-famous natural wonders. With many landscapes, diverse and rich flora and fauna with great archaeological and geological significance, with carpentry mark the historical and cultural values ​​and near the international gateway, Ha Long Bay is considered as one of Vietnam’s most famous places with foreign visitors.

You can get travel inspiration, find your own best places to live in Vietnam from Backpacker Team’s recommendations here.

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