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4 ways Exploring Hoian Ancient Town at night 1

When having the opportunity to travel to Hoian ancient town, give yourself an opportunity to enjoy Hoian at night. At this time, this ancient town has a strange beauty of lanterns all over the streets with many different styles and colors, which creates a brilliant bright space.

1. Walking in the Hoian ancient town at night

The most simple experience in Hoian Ancient Town is having a walk through streets and alleys, and enjoy a colorful picture of this town. You will be in the middle at a light party, a combination of the peace, idyllic of the ancient architecture and the ebullience of modern life.

On the shore is Nguyen Phuc Chu Street, which concentrates many popular restaurants and souvenir shops. Here you can easily enjoy the special dishes of Hoi An attractive and find the souvenirs bought as a gift for a loved one. This street is also a place to display many beautiful pictures of Hoi An as well as other famous tourist destinations of Vietnam.

4 ways Exploring Hoian Ancient Town at night 2

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2. Visit Hoi An’s Japanese covered bridge at night

The bridge connects Tran Phu with Nguyen Thi Minh Khai. Over 400 years of history, Chua Cau is still ancient and quiet, witnessing many changes, marking the interference of unique cultures. The pagoda was built in the early 17th century by Japanese merchants, worshiping the North Emperor Tran Vo – a protector of the country, with the meaning of protecting the peaceful life for the people.

When night falls, Cau Pagoda becomes more beautiful and sparkling than ever. The pagoda is illuminated by sparkling lights, constantly changing colors, opening up to visitors a beautiful multi-color picture.


3. Boat trip on Hoai river and release flower garlands and colored lanterns

It is no coincidence that the ancient town of Hoi An was named the Venice of Vietnam. The reason for that “nickname” is the image of the row of houses close together located next to peaceful Hoai river and wooden boats floating back and forth. Taking a boat trip on the Hoai River become a must who travelers come to this ancient town.

The cost for a boat trip on the river about 30 minutes is excluded from 30.000 to 100.000 VND. Besides, you can buy flower garlands and colored lanterns with the cost of 10,000vnd per one to release. The boats float on the river among the sparkling of moonlight, lanterns and electric lights. By taking a boat trip, you can enjoy the beauty of the ancient town on both sides.

Hoian Thu bon river

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4. Bai Choi Singing

At 7 pm every day, local people gather at An Hoi bridge and participate in folk games “bai choi”. This is a great spiritual activity not only for the local people but also for tourists when they come to Hoi An.  The prize for the winner is not at the high cost of money but it is a souvenir that makes visitors always remember about Hoi An city.

5. Enjoy Hoian street food

Hoi An ancient town is always famous for quite interesting and unique cuisine. Coming to Hoi An, you will enjoy attractive specialties such as Cao Lau, Mi Quang, Com Ga, Sweet soup for desserts,etc with very affordable prices. And even, you can sit down and drink a cup of coffee by the side of the road, enjoy the peaceful scenery, the old roofs that are brightly painted in beautiful lights.

Hoian street food

Hoian street food

If you travel to Hoi An on the day of the full moon festival (14th of the lunar calendar), you will see all the ancient town turning off the lights and hanging glowing lanterns, dropped flower garlands on the river. Apart from the full moon day, you can get to Hoi An on special days such as Thien Hau ceremony, Vu Lan ceremony, Mid- Autumn, Lantern Festival, etc to be immersed in the unique culture in the land.

It is said that the most beautiful scenery in Hoian is when there is no tourists and open shops. At that time, the old town really returned to its ancient and quiet look. However, to see that scene, you have to be awake waiting until 1-2 am. But when you can see the whole beauty of Hoian, you will feel your tour to Hoian worthy.

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