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BACKPACKERS: What to eat 1 day in Quang Ngai 1

You should not ignore Quang Ngai If you have a chance to visit Da Nang City. Located about 150 kilometers South of Da Nang – a place which has a lot of special things for backpackers to travel, experience, especially the unique street foods here.You can easily go there by car or by air. 

Quang Ngai is a province in the South Central Coast region of Vietnam, on the coast of East Sea. It is located 883 kilometres (549 miles) South of Hanoi and 838 kilometers (521 miles) North of Ho Chi Minh City.

Within 1 or 2 days. you can eat all of the specialties just around Quang Ngai. Here is the list of special and delicious dishes, follow the schedule of the day, from morning till night that backpackers absolutely must try.


  1. Banh beo (VND15000)

Why not jump-start your day by trying this local dish for breakfast? Though not exclusive to the region, it has been successfully improved in a more specific way by such creative vendors. What makes it different here is its viscid and rich filling topped with ground pork, shrimp, and crunchy fried onions. By the way, don’t forget to spray some spicy fish sauce all over to have a better taste.   

BACKPACKERS: What to eat 1 day in Quang Ngai 2

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  1. Banh dap (VND10000-100000)

Coming to Quang Ngai, backpacker can start the day with Banh Dap. It is a rustic but unique and delicious cake.

This kind of cuisine has a very elaborate and time-consuming processing method. If you enjoy this dish in the shop in district streets, you will see firsthand the process of processing the famous cake of Central people.




  1. Banh xeo (VND35000)

Banh xeo has the shape of a pancake, but with pork, shrimp, bean sprouts…inside. Unlike the banh xeo in the North and the South, Quang Ngai Banh xeo has a strong identity because the milled rice flour layer is used to coat the cake. And the flavor of the sauce will impress you.


  1. Ram thit nuong (VND35000)

Ram is a light yellow color, biting into it, the smell of shrimp, meat, green onion, and crispy is also very crisp. Grilled beef leaves is quite big but not as small as in Saigon, just inhale the aroma of aroma rising from the grill is already craving. This dish wants to be delicious, it must have genuine Quang Ngai vegetables salad plate with banana slices, vegetables, cinnamon, small lettuce, perilla vegetables…





  1. Don (VND15000)


      Don – a specialty of Quang Ngai people. As a gift from nature, it is unique in Quang Ngai and often scattered throughout the riverbed, riverbank and most crowded in the area near the bank of Tra and Ve rivers. Don is considered as the soul of Quang Ngai cuisine. There are 2 versions of this serving: dry and watered, but the watered is more common and recommended.         



  1. Mi Quang – Quang Style Noodle (VND25000-35000)

Mi Quang is a perfect mix of texture and flavors. What makes it unique?

The wide yellow turmeric noodle and the broth make Mi Quang different from others. Ingredients to cook the broth are pork and dried shrimp or chicken, duck, crab living in a rice field. There are various recipes to make the broth but the broth must be yellow, slightly gelatinous, rich and have an attractive smell. The Mi Quang’s broth is served enough to barely cover the noodles and it will be soaked up by the noodles in a few minutes if you don’t eat the bowl of Mi Quang fast. Unlike other Vietnamese noodle soups, Mi Quang is almost like a noodle salad.

BACKPACKERS: What to eat 1 day in Quang Ngai 3

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Cindy, May 4th 2019 

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