Q1: I’m a Singaporean. Do i need doing visa for my trip to Vietnam?

Most tourists travelling to Vietnam will require a visa, but citizens from some countries can receive a short-term visa exemption. These countries include: 

  • Singapore, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Laos for a period of up to 30 days;
  • the Philippines for a period of up to 21 days; 
  • the UK, Denmark, Sweden, France, Germany, Spain, Norway, Italy, Finland, Russia, South Korea and Japan for a period of up to 15 days; 
  • and Myanmar and Brunei for a period of up to 14 days.

If you are citizens of above countries, when arriving the airport you need to fill in the Vietnam Entry and Exit forms, provide 02 passport-sized photos, present your passport at immigration and maybe your return flight ticket. If you want to stay longer than the visa exemption expirity, you need to apply for a full visa, e-visa or on arrival visa in the airport. 


Q2: Where can I apply for a Vietnam visas? Could someone suggest a safe and reliable website to make an e-visa?

You can choose one in 3 ways below to apply for a Vietnam visa:

Or you can contact with your travel agency for a visa service. But just find yourself a reliable one with a suitable price. 


Q3: How much for the Vietnam visa fee? 

You can reference the fee issued by the government of Vietnam here:

  1. Single-entry visas: USD 45
  2. Multiple-entry visas:
  1. Valid for less than 01 month: USD 65
  2. Valid for less than 06 months: USD 95
  3. Valid for 6 months or more: USD 135
  1. Transfer of validity of visas or temporary residence from expired passports to new passports: USD 15
  2. Temporary residence cards:
  1. Valid for up to 1 year: USD 80
  2. Valid for between over 1 year and 2 years: USD 100
  3. Valid for between over 2 year and 3 years: USD 120

Hope this may help! 


Q4: How can I apply for a Visa On Arrival?

To make a Visa On Arrival in Vietnam airport, you may need: 

– Original passport still valid for more than 6 months and has at least one page to be granted a visa.

– Picture of 3 × 4 (2 photos)

– Return plane ticket (if necessary)

– Cash and bank accounts to pay during your stay (depending on the regulations of each country)

– Fee for visa application (depending on the regulations of each country)

Or you may apply for a visa online using the Vietnam Visa on Arrival method. You will have to apply via a third-party visa agent or tour operator based in Vietnam, who will issue a Visa Approval Letter which allows you to board your flight to Vietnam. The third-party agent will charge you for this service and the cost varies between $12 USD and $38, depending on the duration of your stay.


Q5: E-visa or Letter of approval then stamp at airport? I’m Australian. TIA

An E-Visa is an official document issued online by the Immigration Department that allows a foreigner to enter and travel in Vietnam. And the Visa Letter of Approval is a letter from a travel agent which you can show when you board the flight and show to the Immigration Officer along with relevant documents to make the Visa On Arrival. You can ask for your travel agent to process your Visa Letter of Approval for getting Vietnam visa stamp at the airports in Vietnam.

Usually the visa fee is $25 for a single entry visa, $50 for a multiple entry visa, and the letter of approval fee sometimes costs for $12. 

Q6: Is there any destination in Vietnam that do not require visa (free-visa places) for foreigners?

Phu Quoc Island is the only destination in Vietnam accept free-visa for foreign travelers and have validity for 30 days. It only valid when you only travel to Phu Quoc and not go any destination else of Vietnam. If you want to, you will need to have a valid visa for granted. 


Q7: How can I extend or renew my visa in Vietnam? My visa is about to expiry but just want to stay in Vietnam for a little more. Thanks very much!

 When you want to prolong your stay in Vietnam, you can choose to renew or extend your visa. To make a visa renewal/ visa extension, it’s required:

  • Your passport must be valid for more than 6 months from the time of extension/renewal.
  • Has at least 2 blank pages to extend.

Visa extension

If your stay in Vietnam totally lasts for less than 6 months, it’s okay to have your visa extended. For example if you apply for a 1 month tourist visa, you are able to extend it for another 3 months or a 3-month duration then continue for 2-month one (total 5 months).

  • You can extend your visa for single entry only (maximum of 3 months).
  • You will get an extension stamp on your passport indicating your new stay period.
  • You can only extend your visa maximum 02 times.

Visa renewal

Visa renewal is good for those who wish to get a new visa without leaving Vietnam, or your visa is expired but can not extend any longer. You can renew your visa for both multiple/single entry

  • Unlike visa extension, you will get a new page sticker on your passport as a new visa

Applying for a visa extension:

You could yourself apply for a visa extension or apply via a travel supporting agency in Vietnam. Its process may need:

  • Your passport and the renewal/extension application form.
  • Hand in the documents to the Immigration offices. Prepare fee if any:

Hanoi: 44-46 Tran Phu, Ba Dinh District, Hanoi

Da Nang: 7 Tran Quy Cap, Da Nang

Ho Chi Minh city: 196 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City

  • It may take about 5 working days for the result. Sometimes it could take longer. Normally it takes 5-7 working days for a 1 month visa and 10 working days for a 3 month visa.


Q8: I’ve been having some trouble with applying the vietnamese visa. Since I’m from the Netherlands I could apply for an E-visa but it required to select the exact place of entrance into the country. Since I don’t have an exact travel route/plan, I’m not sure. Should I just wait and apply in Asia as soon as I know my exact route? Tips are very welcome!

If you are about to apply for an E-visa, be careful when filling all the information, cuz just one miss then you have to make it redone, or unfortunately you will be not permitted to enter Vietnam. If you do not appear and submit to the right airport written in the Visa, you will get deny to entry. If you want to make it again, you may process a visa right on spot but with the very high cost, about $220-280 for a single visa stamp for 15 days. Make sure you decide your path before filling in the application form for an e-visa!


Q9: I’m flying out of Montreal and even though I have heard that we can now get a visa upon arrival, Vietnam Embassy in Ottawa says it’s only in case of emergency. However I am wondering if this is what they say for revenu but on the other hand I m afraid I’ll be stopped by the airline if I dont have my visa. Anyone out there can give me guidance? Thanks!


Theoretically you can get a Visa On Arrival when landing in the Vietnamese airports, and have lots of people made it successfully. You may need a Letter of Approval before boarding on plane to Vietnam to process this kind of Visa. Do it by yourself or ask for help from a travel agent both OK.  For the application, you will require

  • Flight tickets (to fill the arrival and departure airport and dates)
  • Passport (to fill information)
  • Your email ID
  • Your phone number

When you reach Vietnam, show it to the Immigration Officer along with:

  • Filled entry-and-exit form (you get this along with Visa Approval Letter)
  • 2 passport sized photos 4x6cm
  • Stamping fee ($25 for single entry; $50 for multiple entry visa.

Or in case you want to find a more certain way, just do an Visa online (e-Visa). It’s easy to make, you can follow the guide in the website:


Q10: I am looking to have visa extension this month for an additional 3 months. Can someone with experience point me in the direction to go about doing this? If it means taking the bus to the border, I can do that. I just want to make sure if I need to do any paperwork before going. All suggestions are appreciated.

Hi,  for visa extension you no need go to border, only when you want to have new visa, USA passport can do 1 year approval letter for visa with tourist or business. And in case you wanna do the visa run at border you will need to process the Visa letter before going to border. 


Q11: I need to do a visa run as my visa (tourists 3 month) expires on the 15th. I heard that all I need to do is go to Moc Bai, can anyone confirm this? There I can get a visa for Cambodia on arrival (30-35 $) and after entering Cambodia I can go back to Vietnam using the 15 days visa exemption (German, havent used the visa exemption before)? Thank you!

For this situation i think you may need a Cambodian e-visa to save your time and a page in your passport. You can do it right away within a few minutes (Cambodian official government website for doing e-visa).  it usually takes some hours to get. 


Q12: Hello guys, I have a question regarding visa application for foreigners, what i understand is we cannot create visa to another country from inside Vietnam if we currently using tourist visa. If i have a business visa (without TRC) is it be possible to create the visa ? will they ask for TRC ? Thanks !

It depends on what country you are applying for, what type of visa and the passport you hold. For most countries you must have a TRC , otherwise you should go back to ur country and apply by the embassy there. Some countries requires having a residency in Vietnam to apply for specific types of visas & others don’t. You need to verify that from the country’s embassy/consulate.


Q13: I am British and I am here on a 3 month business visa. My visa expires on 1st September but my flight back to the UK is on 18th September. British passport holders can enter Vietnam for 15 days without a visa but are there any conditions around when you can use the visa waiver after the last visit for British people?

Hi. i’m french. Can’t tell you for sure but logically it would be that the same rule applies: for french people, you can benefit the visa exemption (15 days) without minimum time out of the country if our previous entry was with a visa. I think the idea flying to another country around 1st September then return to Vietnam  after your visa expires under the visa waiver before going back to the UK would work. Otherwise, for more certainty you should call embassy or contact to extend your visa to avoid any consequence. As I know, British citizen could apply evisa via The administration fee is 25 USD. Or you can go to the airlines office and ask them directly. This seems ridiculous but they have a system to check the visa regulations.