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The True Essence of Hanoi: Highlights & Hidden Gems 1

A labyrinth of ancient streets, bustling street vendors and buzzing motorbikes, may be the first impression of what Hanoi is like. But there’s more to discover! Hanoi has plenty of hidden gems that you may not know. With the help of the locals, you’ve the unique chance to see the true essences and beauty of this exotic city! Unravel Hanoi’s treasures with the help of a local. Old Quarter landmarks, ancient temples, history, traditions, and even hidden gems that only locals know about.

The gems hidden under Hanoi:

  • Explore the local streets of the Old Quarter
  • Visit one of the oldest temples in the city
  • Discover an old bookshop & its treasures
  • Enjoy a traditional treat: an egg coffee
  • Unveil the secrets of Hoa Lo Prison

Start your private tour with a stroll through the biggest market in the city. Take in the street vibe of vendors selling their variety of goods, from flowers to accessories and clothing. Then weave through the Old Quarter’s 36 streets.

The True Essence of Hanoi: Highlights & Hidden Gems 2

Walk down the narrow alleys and admire 13th century architecture. Visit the oldest temple in the city and follow your nose to Ta Hien Street, famous for its delicious street food. If you want to know what dishes you shouldn’t miss out on, just ask a local for recommendations!

The True Essence of Hanoi: Highlights & Hidden Gems 3

It’s time to head through the labyrinthine of back alleys and discover some true hidden gems: a secret temple, an old bookstore with the oldest book in the city and a historical house where president Ho Chi Minh wrote the Declaration of Independence of Vietnam.

Peek into temples and traditional houses, hear the legend of the Hoan Kiem Lake and stroll around the French Quarter with its impressive Opera House and French colonial villas. When it comes to Trang Tien Street, you can’t miss the oldest ice cream shop in Hanoi. With delicious and unique flavors, this place is a trademark among the locals.


The True Essence of Hanoi: Highlights & Hidden Gems 4

Take a break like Hanoians do and enjoy a local egg coffee. Enjoy the good vibes at a traditional and beautiful old cafe with an amazing view of the Hoàn Kiếm Lake. Sit down, relax and enjoy the sounds of chirping birds. Then end up wrap up your private tour with a visit to the notorious Hoa Lo Prison, a place once used by French colonists to house political prisoners and hear stories about an overview of the prison culture and explain everything you are eager to know about!

Source: withlocals.com

Translation: Backpackers Vietnam

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