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dak lak accommodation

Upon a long time until now, Dak Lak always is a mystery land any backpackers Vietnam desire to travel once. Dak Lak not only attracts visitors by the inherent assets like coffee bean, majestic nature but also the traditional culture which is built and preserved through many generation by the friendly and gently human here.

If you have chance to backpack 1 night or more in Dak Lak – beautiful moutainous city, we hope Dak Lak accommodation will be top of your mind.



Address: 30 Nguyen Chi thanh, Tan An ward, Buon Me Thuot city, Dak Lak.

Contact: 0262 3970 888 – 0262 3970 777 

Price: Double room: from 560 000 VND – USD $24 per night depend its location and facility.


Dakruco hotel is the first 4-star hotel should be mentioned in Dak Lak accommodation. The hotel has the modern architecture with 144 rooms, 2 restaurants, swimming pool, bar and many services. All the designs reach the basic international standard. If you plan to reward yourself an ideal rest after long working-day, Dakruco is suggested highly.

Advantage: The staffs are professional and available in English. Full of conveniences: free-wifi, free-parking, swimming pool, restaurant, airport picking, non-smoking room, laundry service, fitness and spa service.

Disadvantage: basic decoration.

Tip: book the upper room to have a nice view.


dak lak acommodation

Source: bmthotel.com

Address: 8 Hai Ba Trung, Thang Loi ward, Buon Me Thuot city, Dak Lak

Contact: 0262 38 99999 – 0262 35 88888 – 0262 35 77777 or reception email: [email protected] 

Web: hbthotel.com

Price: standard single room: 900 000 VND – USD $39 per night

Standard double/twin room: 1 100 000 VND – USD $47 per night 

Follow web to get the different room price.

Hai Ba Trung hotel is only 5-star hotel in Dak Lak accommodation with 139 international standard rooms. All are equipped fully with modern facilities and services such as swimming pool, hot tub, spa, restaurant, coffee shop… . The stars really reflect the quality.

dak lak acommodation

Source: Iris O

Advantage: full standards of 5-star hotel. The staffs are profesional and friendly. The rooms are updated until now to be clean and new.

Disadvantage: overprice


dak lak acommodation referred choice for you

Source: booking.com

Address: 212-214 Nguyen Cong Tru, Buon Me Thuot city, Dak Lak.

Contact: 097 903 9298

Price: Standard double/ twin room: USD $25 – 575 000 VND per night

Superior double/ twin room: USD $31 – 710 000 VND per night

Advantage: free parking and wifi, full facilities with swimming pool, restaurant, tennis area. Cooking class is available. Breakfast is included, almost card payment is accepted.

dak lak acommodation

Source: booking.com

“Very comfortable and clean rooms, lovely to open the window – overlooking pool, tennis court and bamboo grove- to get the cool breeze. The English spoken by the staff is very poor, and surely need an improvement, as also the menu of the breakfast, which is too focused on local food.”- Elisabetta commented.

Disadvantage: some toiletres and rooms seems dated.


Address: 81 Nguyen Tat Thanh, Tan An ward, Buon Me Thuot, Dak Lak

Contact: 02 500 3961 555 or muongthanhhotel 

Price: Deluxe double room: USD $52 – 1 200 000 VND per night

Deluxe twin room: USD $52 – 1 200 000 VND per night

Deluxe triple room: USD $73 – 1 700 000 VND per night

Muong Thanh- Buon Me Thuot hotel is one of the hotel branches of Muong Thanh hotel brand. The hotel adapt the 4 stars standard and consists of 233 rooms. The architecture tends the simplicity, youth and modernity. All rooms have panaromic view of the city, spacious and airy room.

dak lak acommodation

Source: MuongThanh-BuonMeThuot hotel website

Advantage: supply all service such as gym club, spa, tour guide, swimming pool, restaurant, cafe shop,…

Disadvantage: overprice




Address: EaMap village, Ea Pôc town, Cư M’gar, Đak Lak

Contact: 090 191 4302 or website: cuhlamhomestay.com 

Price: from 50 000 VND per night

dak lak accommodation

Source: cu h’lam fanpage

Advantage: pretty far from the Buon Me Thuot center, about 25 mins to get there. Thanks to this distance, Cu H’lam homestay is isolated from the noise of city and remains itself the peace. Backpackers will be interested in the E-de ethnic space with the long house and house on stilt. The accomodation is very simple with a mattress and mosquito net. Cu H’lam also serves the full services for traditional restaurant, cooking class, highland culture…

Disadvantage: simple and poor quality for a hostel, no air-condition in a room. Not all staffs is good at english.

Find the restaurant of this homestay in TOP 10 PINNED RESTAURANTS IN DAK LAK



Address: 49-51 Nguyen thuong Hien, Buon me Thuot city, Dak Lak.

Contact: 0262 392 6789 or 0262 392 6789

Price: Double room: USD $16 – 368 000 VND per night

Twin double room: USD $26 – 500 000 VND per night

dak lak accommodation

Source: booking.com

Advantage: simple and modern furniture, pets are allowed (charge), available in Vietnamese and English. The staffs are all friendly. Great value for the money.

dak lak accommodation

Source: booking.com

Disadvantage: small room and closet door in the way of bed for the double room.


Address: 79 Van Tien Dung,Tan An ward, Buon Me Thuot City, Dak Lak

Contact: 0262 3867 666 or fanpage: thehighlandhousebmt

Price: Master double room: USD $15 – 350 000 VND per night (16m2 )

Studio double/ twin room: USD $30 – 700 000 VND per night (32m2)

Dormitory room: USD $5 – 120 000 VND per person per night

dak lak accommodation

Source: fanpage HighlandHouse

Highland House is the combination of hostel and coffee shop on the 1st floor. This hostel focus on the European light style and simple furniture. This highland space create a warm and friendly feeling.

Advantage: The staffs are friendly and helpful for some recommendations of landscapes, cuisines in Dak Lak. Nice room. Full service for rental motorbike, wifi and parking.

dak lak accommodation

Source: fanpage HighlandHouse


Address: 117 Ngo Quyen, Tan An ward, Buon Me Thuot city, Dak Lak

Contact: 0262 3924 666 – 0262 3924 777 or [email protected]
Website: www.thanhmaihotel.com
Facebook: www.fb.com/thanhmaihotel

Price: Double room: 400 000 – 450 000 VND per night

Twin room: 500 000 – 850 000 VND per night

Superior triple room: USD $30 -650 000 VND per night

dak lak accommodation

Source: booking.com

Advantage: price includes the breakfast. The restaurant serve variety of menu from Europe to Asia, vegetarian, buffet. Banking payment, wifi, parking service, motor rental are all available here. Clean and nice hostel, staffs are also friendly.

Disadvantage: no window in room. Staffs can only speak English a little.

dal lak accommodation

Superior double room. Source: fanpage thanhmaihotel

Tip: the hotel divide into standard, superior and deluxe room. You should consider take superior room which is larger than standard despite of no big difference between 2 prices.


Address: 325 Hung Vuong, Buon Me Thuot city, Dak Lak.

Price: Single room: USD $6 – 130 000 VND per night

Double room: USD $8 – 180 000 VND per night

Fourfold room: USD $13 – 300 000 VND per night

dak lak accommodation

Source: Booking.com

“Boutique quality hotel. Many services nearby. Friendly staff with an adorable infant who will make you smile. The single room is small but efficient and given the price not a consideration. Highly recommended.” – Peter reviewed

Advantage: cheap price with standard services such as wifi, parking, air-condition, laundry … Pets are allowed. Plus point is that staff is really really friendly.

Disadvantage: the nearby road is not in good quality and hard to get hostel.


Address: 251 Nguyen Thị Dinh, Buon Me Thuot, Dak Lak

Price: Double room: USD $6 – 140 000 VND per night

dak lak accommodation

Source: Booking.com

Real family, homestay experience. If you expect hotel and fancy rooms, don’t go there. But if you want real Vietnamese family experience you are on the right place. This family is the best that we have met in Vietnam. Beautiful people! Very kind polite and funny members. We became part of family immediately. We cooked together, we laught together, we ate together. These people know how to enjoy life and how to appreciate guests. The mother is the sweetest person we have met in the Vietnam and father is very passionate funny guy. The daugther speaks clear perfect English. Strongly recommed.” – Pvrtis reviewed 

Disadvantage: The bathrooms and bedrooms are very basic. The bed was very hard and somewhat uncomfortable. Only cash payment.


Address: 118 Dinh Tien Hoang, Buon Me Thuot city, Dak Lak.

Price: Double room: USD $9 – 200 000 VND per night

Twin room with double bed: from USD $11 – 250 000 VND per night 

Group with more 5 person: USD $19 – 437 000 VND per night

Advantage: cheap price. The hosts are really friendly. Full services for hotel 2 – stars

dak lak accommodation

Source: booking.com

“The hotel is owned by a lovely family. They were unbelievable helpful. Everything we needed to know they looked it up for us. Our washing was done within the house and super clean. The daughter speaks English well. And we had a pleasent conversation with the father over google translation app. He even insisted to take us to the bus station. Without his help we wouldn’t have found the way to the Yok Don Nationalpark so smoothly. I wished we could have stayed longer. Would definitely go back there.” – Steven reviewed

Disadvantage: family-owner hotel, so only cash payment. located on the busy street, so not pretty suitable for light sleeper.

dak lak accommodation

Source: booking.com

Backpackers Vietnam


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Dak Lak accommodation

Dak Lak accommodation

Dak Lak accommodation 

Dak Lak accommodation 

Dak Lak accommodation 

Dak Lak accommodation 

Dak Lak accommodation 

Dak Lak accommodation

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