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Dak Lak is one of attractive destinations of VietNam in backpackers VietNam network. Exploring Dak Lak means exploring the wild and mystery beauty of natural mountain and forest. 

I would like to thanks for the stories of life and nature here, because let me know, my country is so beautiful, even in the harshest places. 



Dray Nur-Dray Sap waterfall are couple which in ethnic’s tongue, Dray Nur is “wife” and Dray Sap is “husband” due to the love legend.

This is the ideal stop for who love and explore the breathtaking scene of Vietnam central highland. Dray Nur waterfall comprises 3 lakes and a cave of more than 3,000 square meters. Entering the cave, you will find it magic and enticing when experiencing the feeling of being poured down, see bats flying at sunset.

The picture of big cliffs with full of moss being sparkled under sunlight is what I and backpackers are looking for. I believe that!

dak lak 8 attractive destinations for backpackers

Dray Nur waterfall. Source: @princerits

From Dray Nur, backpackers can go through the hanging bridge to reach Dray Sap waterfall- wife of Dray Nur to discover the majestic beauty of Dak Lak forest and grandeur of Dak Lak human in conquering the nature.

Entrance fee: 30 000 VND per adult

20 000 VND per child


Dak Lak is known as “the VietNam capital of coffee” or “the world mecca of coffee”. Because of this advantage, Coffee become a spotlight of tourism development. Here, backpackers not only enjoy the passionate cup of coffee but also admire the featured scenery of highland forests.

Coffee village consists of many areas: information zone, enjoy zone, souvenir zone, coffee world museum…surrounded by coffee gardens. Especially, there are many coffee stump more than 30 years is preserved here.



Coffee World Museum, located in Buon Me Thuot city, is famous for domestic visitors as well as foreigners, especially coffee lovers. Despite the unique design of long house of ethnic minorities, Buon Me Thuot coffee museum is likened to European coffee museum. Museum currently exhibits more than 10 000 artifacts throughout the world history from Jens Burg coffee museum in German.

dak lak- an attractive destination for backpackers

Coffee world museum, Buon Me Thuot from above. Source: anphong.vn

The open time is from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm every day.

Adults ticket is 75 000 VND, children ticket is 40 000 VND.



Dak Lak Ethnographic museum  is located in the center of Buon Ma Thuot City. It was built on the grounds of the former residence of King Bao Dai nearly 100 years ago. Surrounded by a shady garden, the museum looks like a Rong house- a communal stilt house.

dak lak- an attractive destination for backpackers

Source: @caloszhao

Dak Lak Museum of Ethnology reflects the whole daily life of Vietnam ethnic minorities through clothing, jewelry, hunting tools, weapons, musical instruments,… . Here consists of the huge number of ethnic’s artifacts varied from the north to the south of Viet Nam.

Curently museum saves more than 15,000 objects, 42,000 films in 4 languages: E-de language, Vietnamese, English and France.

LAK LAKE – NEARBY tảng đá voi mẹ khổng lồ và Residence of Bảo Đại king

Lak lake is the largest fresh water lake in Dak Lak and is the second largest one in Vietnam, behind Ba Be lake. Lak lake attracts backpackers by the wild and dreamlike beauty surrounded by stone and forest.

Coming here, backpackers can take the timber boat, enjoy yourself in the cool air, feel the peace of lake and listen the bird’s sounds from surrounding hots. The picture of peace appears, no effort, no obligation.

dak lak 8 attractive destinations for backpackers

The giant mother elephant rock, Dak Lak. Source: @trinhhoaitri

You also easily visit residence of Bao Dai king and the famous giant mother elephant rock -Two interesting places recommended in Dak Lak.



This is the biggest pagoda in Dak Lak province. The pagoda is built in 1951 by Queen Doan Huy- Bao Dai King’s mother, continued by Queen Nam Phuong and official conferred by King Bao Dai in 1953. Khai Doan is named by the combination of first name of King Khai Hoan and Queen Doan Huy in order to recognize their merit.

dak lak 8 attractive destination for backpackers

Source: @phong vinh

The architecture of pagoda imitates Hue imperial style combined with the style of stilt houses. It not only bring the architectural value but also the historical culture. During the anti-American resistance war, Khai Doan pagoda was a place where patriotic Buddhist movements fought hard and took place many political struggles, contributing significantly to the revolutionary movement of the Vietnamese.



Dak Tuar Rock Cave is a natural cave located in the heart of Chu Yang Sin Mountain. The terrain surrounding is commented dangerous, consisting of many multi-layers that can accommodate a large army division. In the anti-American war, thanks to the arduous topographic, Dak Tuar cave becomes the solid headquarter of Dak Lak soldiers.

dak lak 8 attractive destination for backpackers

Source: daklak.gov

Not charming and mystery as Phong Nha-Ke Bang cave, Dak Tuar contains the value of culture and historical relics of ethnic groups as well as Vietnamese.



Chu Yang Sing national park should not be missed in the Dak Lak destination list for backpackers who love discovering and conquering the nature. In particular, challenging yourself in 3 days 2 nights to trek through the forest, camp…to conquer the peak of Chu Yang Sin with the height of 2 442 meters will surely bring the unforgettable emotions. The reward is the spectacular scenery from the cloud layers.

dak lak- an attractive destination for backpackers

Trekking day in Chu Yang Sin. Source: @huong2go

Lost in the virgin forest, visitors can discover the variety of wild animals and plants in Vietnam central highland, including rare and endangered one. The park preserves more than 957 plants, 46 animals and 203 birds.

The entrance fee: 23 000 VND per ticket.

Please announce if you plan to go camping or trekking here.


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