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top 8 places in phu yen for backpackers viet nam

Let’s talk about one of the best places for backpackers in Central Vietnam. Sometimes I thought about Phu Yen Province as a sleeping princess, enjoy in her own beauty – honest, wild but charming. One day, a prince comes and wakes her up. And her beauty and fragant spread throughout the forest and attract a lot of backpackers to visist. A charming prince is named Victor Vu – a director with “i see yellow flower on the green grass” movie. The main scene of this movie is in Phu Yen.


Top 8 places to go in Phu Yen

The scene is taken from the movie” i see the yellow flower on the green grass” . Source: vntrip

Fortunately located in the central Vietnam, Phu Yen Province carries by itself a combination of beach, moutain and blue sky. If you are backpackers who is seeking for vast cope to breath, wanna leave the stress and crowd behind, Phu Yen is a worthily considered place in your plan.

Here is list of destination i recommend as a person grew here.

The departure is center of phu yen- tuy hoa city…

From central Vietnam to the north Phu Yen

Xep Beach – Hon Yen 

In An Chan communce, Tuy An district, Phu Yen province, 12km far from the center city, Xep beach, just included 50 meters of coast and end up with 2 rocky ranges as well as the unlimited blue sky, makes me feel comfortable. You can enjoy the view of the sea, see the slater of black stones and listen the sound of wind, rocks and water clapping.

top 8 places in phu yen for backpackers viet nam

Xep beach- Phu Yen


Standing from here, picture appeared is miracilous scene. I can’t help surprising the mix of the many topographic: in front of me is large watersea, behind is the long range of poplar, on the foot of the hill is the coast of white sand and rock. 

Ride about 8 kilometers follow the map from Xep beach to Hon Yen. Here is famous with the hidden beauty of inherent coral reef.

Cu Lao Mai Nha – Robinson island

I highly recommend this island for backpackers viet nam when visiting Phu Yen. The second name which the travelers named this island is Robinson island. of Phu Yen. It remains fully the unspoiled status of an island. There is a fewer residents on the island who primarily live by cashing fish. Robinson island takes only 25 mins and 50.000 dong for round- trip ticket to reach by boat.

top 8 places in phu yen for backpackers viet nam

Camping on the Robinson island- Phu Yen. Source: Bao Chan

Don’t forget to prepare by yourself tent, fresh water, beer, food or buy some seafood (in the extremely cheap price) to have a BBQ party in the evening on the island. It really is Robinson island, that means nothing herein except trees, rocks, soil, moss surrounded by seawater.

O Loan Lagoon

O Loan Lagoon, located in Chi Thanh village, Tuy An communce, Phu Yen province, is embraced by 2 moutains: Dong Chay and Cam with the area of more than 17 km². O Loan is famous with the tranquil and poetic beauty as well as the rare special seafood here. In my feeling, O Loan brings itself the love of a father and the power of a mother, that means the way it transfers the beauty, hard to see immediately but very honest, appealing and huge.

top 8 places in phu yen for backpackers viet nam

Source: phuyen news

Red oyster is seafood that cannot be missing when you visit here. O Loan oyster have built the its own brand over the world with the beauty of oyster harvest and the extremely high nutrition hereof. Grilled oyster and oyster soup leave me very much pathetic and unforgetable feeling up to now.


Da Dia Reef

Da Dia Reef is 50 meters in wide and stretches for more than 200 meters. The rocks here are vertically arranged into columns, well – jointed to each other, with hexahedral or round shapes like dishes laying on top of one another therefore it has the name of Rock-Dish Reef.

top 8 places in phu yen for backpackers viet nam

Da Dia Reef. Source: Son Tung

Phu Yen is lucky to be one of 4 places in the world have this magnificent phenomenon. These are Giant’s Causeway in Ireland, Los Órganos in Spain and Fingal’s sea cave in Fingal, Scotland.Da Dia was enlisted as a National Heritage site in January 1998 by Vietnam’s Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.


Xuan Dai Bay

Before reaching here, don’t miss taking experience to ride through the Ong Cop bridge- the longest wooden of Viet Nam. After leaving Da Dia Reef, backpackers can follow the map to get Ong Cop bridge. There is no instruction on the road, even the soil road. You can bring the bridge’s photo to ask for help in case lost. The fee of passing the bridge is about 5 000 VND per motorbike. After passing the bridge of 400 meters, backpackers can continue journey on 1A highway to get Xuan Dai Bay.

The best 8 places in Phu Yen province for Backpackers 1

The longest wooden bridge of Viet Nam. Source: 123phuquoc

The furthest place to the north about 60 km from the center city, Xuan Dai bay national tourism zone is one of top 10 the most beautiful bays of Viet Nam. Backpackers can also easily be enticed by the stunning charm of Xuan Dai from the 1A highway when suddenly drop on the way to the southern province.

The bay includes many landscapes and beaches: La beach, Song Cau beach, Lam beach, Om beach… and Nhat Tu Son island. The perfect mix of long coast, white sand, blue sea and sky, rocky reef and the range of casuarina will blow your mind right away.

From central Vietnam to the south Phu Yen

Goc Beach

From the center, it takes about 30 minutes, along the 1A highway to the south to get Goc Beach by motorbike. The Goc is the typical photography of Phu Yen beaches, a bow-shape ended up with the hill and the rocky range, stretchs around 4 kilimeters of the coast. The special thing in Phu Yen i think that is the range of trees, in particular poplar, in every landscape.

top 8 places in phu yen for backpackers viet nam

Poplar range run along the coast

Find the Goc beach is to find the rustic but imposing beauty, to wash away all stresses in your mind, in order to listen the waves of whispering, soak up in the sun, on the pure white sand stretched endlessly.

Mui Dien Cape – Bai Mon

Mui Dien cape is one of the most interesting stops for backpackers in Phu Yen. Mui Dien is the spur of Truong Son moutain range overlooking the sea and the first place where the aurora is firstly seen in Viet Nam. Have plan to wake up at 4a.m and ride in the cool air of summer to enjoy the dawn rays here and immerse in the cool seawater at Bai Mon. I assure that it’s completely worthy.

top 8 places in phu yen for backpackers viet nam

Lighthouse- Phu Yen. Source: Hoang Lam Huynh

Apart from the natural landscape, Mui Dien Cape brings the value of architecture and culture. Walking on the rock road along the frank to reach the lighthouse, from here, you can take the panoramic view of beach, forest and even the picture of Vung Ro Bay. The lighthouse is designed by the French architect in the end of 19th century. Visiting Mui Dien Cape, backpackers can also check in the well-known historical relic, Ho Chi Minh Trail On Sea. During the Vietnam War against America, the cruise shipping weapons to support the South Vietnam, which included 4 ships and carried 143 heroes, allotted at Vung Ro Bay.

Vung Ro Bay

Located in the border between Phu Yen and Khanh Hoa, Vung Ro bay, from the sight of Ca pass, looks like a pan surounded by 3 majestic moutains: Ca pass, Da Bia and Hon Ba. The Bay is rich in seafood and brings the economic value as well as development of tourism.

top 8 places in phu yen for backpackers viet nam

I really love the turquoise of blue and beach in Phu Yen.

Vung Ro Bay not only includes the lush beauty of nature but also the beauty of human. A lot of boats berth everyday after a long journey on the ocean. The busy life of residents here constitues the honorable characters: hard-working, friendly, open-minded, kind-hearted. You can easily get some smiles from the residents if you try to ask something in body language or say “xin chao” to them.

The most interesting activity for backpackers in Vung Ro Bay is renting a boat, sailing to the middle of bay and take experience in fishing. Don’t forget to try some seafood directly on the boat. The fee for renting is not high, so don’t worry.


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