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It is not ridiculous that Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park is completely worthing being recognised 2 times as UNESCO World Heritage Site. The first time in 2003, the park is recognised for landscape, geology and geomorphology. The second is in term of biodiversity.

Phong Nha – Ke Bang National Park consists of a complex limestone landscape, which includes a vast network of underground caves and grottos. It has karst formations which are some of the oldest and largest in Asia. That makƠes Phong Nha – Ke Bang become one of the most spectacular wilderness sites in South East Asia and one of the 2 largest limestone regions in the world. 

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Phong Nha – Ke Bang is noted for its cave and grotto systems as it is composed of 300 caves and grottos. A 2009 survey brought the total discovered length of the cave system to about 126 km, with many areas still not well explored. Therefore, it’s impossible and unnecessary for those who’d like to discover all caves. Below is the top stunning caves.



Bus is a convenient way to get Phong Nha – Ke Bang from Dong Hoi city. Visitors can take the bus B4. Each 30 minutes for another bus. The bus starts at 5:30 a.m and the last one is at 5:30 p.m.

The price costs 35.000 VND.


If you drop in Quang Binh by train, it is 44 kilometers far from Dong Hoi station to Phong Nha national park.

The same distance as you get here by plane.

You also contact with some car agency below with 250,000 VND for carpool or 500,000 VND for a private 7-seat car.

Phuc Vu car – 0395.045.826
Thao Nguyen car – 0977.722.029 or 0917.026.168
Hoai An car – 0978.565.066
Some taxi contact: Sun Taxi – 052.3 53 53 53, Tien Sa taxi – 052.3 79 79 79,…


Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park is nearly 50 kilometers far from Dong Hoi center. So travel by motorbike is a possible way. Follow your map to get here correctly.



quang binh - phong nha

Source: @beenguyen66

Phong Nha cave is the most typical landscape of the cave complex belonging to Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park. Phong Nha was voted as one of the most beautiful caves in the world with the criteria: The longest underground river, the most beautiful underground lake, the tallest and widest cave, sand beaches, the most beautiful reef, caves widest and most beautiful, the most magnificent and magnificent stalactite system and the longest water cave.

Sailing into the cave, every noise and heat is replaced with the cool of stream inside. The temperature inside the cave is often around 18 – 22 degree Celsius. Visitors will be overwhelmed by the magic and splendor of stalactite system formed over 400 million years ago.

The fee entrance: 150,000 VND. Children under 1.3 meters are free.


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Source: @songbacdau

En cave is the third largest cave in the world, with the winner is Son Doong cave and the second is Deer cave in Malaysia. The huge entrance allows enough light entering the cave during a day. “En” mean swallows in English. The reason for this name is that on the ceiling, stone niches are formerly the nest of thousands of swallows and bats.

It’s a 10-kilometer trekking tour to En cave. Because of the dangerous terrain, you must book a tour to explore the cave. It usually includes the trekking activities and camping inside the cave.

Waking up in the early morning, listening the wild birds and the sound of stream, basking under the sunshine will be your unforgettable memory in Vietnam.


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Sorce: @bartek_83

Coming into Tien Son cave, visitors will be surprised by the magic beauty of light and stone. Maybe it is the reason that people dub Tien Son as a place the fairies visit. The road to Tien Son is winding, the mouth of the cave is about 200m above the ceiling of Phong Nha cave. The cave is considered as a castle of stalactites with thousands of colorful iridescent blocks of marble.

The fee entrance is 80,000 VND. Children under 1.3 meters are free.


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Source: phongnhakebang.vn

Son Doong cave is recognised as the biggest cave recently found in 2009 in the world. The cave owns 9-kilometers in length, 200-meter in width and 150-meter in deep.  It’s said that the cave can contain a 40 – floor building inside. Not only for the largest one, Son Doong cave is also well-known for a primeval forest vegetation with extremely rich and varied.

Currently, due to the safety and conservation, Son Doong has not been open to all tourists. If visitors would like to explore the most majestic caves on this planet, you must book the Son Doong cave tour with costs up to more than 60 million VND/person and ensure a good health and the trekking experience.


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Source: 24h.com.vn

Paradise is rated as one of the most magnificent caves visitors have discovered. It’s also well-known as the longest dry cave in Asia voted by Royal British Cave Research Association. The cave has the magic structure with many stalactite shapes. In many corners, stalactite in tower shapes illuminated by light create sparkling colors.

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Paradise Cave in tourism season. Source: @luannguyen1102

Paradise cave is completely worth a visit if you drop at Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park.

The fee entrance: 250,000 VND/pax

Children from 1.1 to 1.3 meters: 125,000 VND/pax

Children under 1.1 meters are free.


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Where swimming activities take place. Source: @linhtrann95

Chay river – Dark cave is an attractive destination for those who love adventure activities. Visit Dark cave, backpackers have chance to travel by zip-line from outside to the cave and experience the natural mub bath inside the cave. Besides that, a tour usually includes some activities such as Kayak boat sailing, crossing the river by rope,…


Travellers will help being surprised by the turquoise water of Thuy Cung cave. That makes Thuy Cung cave different from the others. The stalactites inside the cave seem to be brightened, illuminated by the pure water.

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Source: ivivu.com

Thuy Cung trip is often combined with Living Valley and Nuoc Lan cave. The tour will challenge yourself in trekking into rainforest, vast grass hill, take experience through trekking in an enormous valley.


Going by yourself

If you’d like to explore by yourself and have experiences to travel in Vietnam, you can schedule your own trip to discover Phong Nha – Ke Bang. In front of every destination, there are the detail fees for every activity such as boat fee, entrance fee,…

However, due to the danger of some specific caves, such as En cave, Thuy Cung cave,…some caves are not allowed for self-travel. That means you must follow a tour. These caves require more experiences in trekking, diving as well as local guide to keep safe for yourself. In respect of Son Doong cave, you must show your experience in trekking and good health status so that you can take tour to this cave.

Taking a tour

Follow a tour is the most popular way to discover Phong Nha – Ke Bang cave complex. It not only provides you fully services about fee, meal, accommodation, transport but also interesting information on the many different unique aspects of Phong Nha – Ke Bang national park. Below is some recommended tourism agencies:

  1. Phongnhaexplorer: https://phongnhaexplorer.com/en/
  2. Travel agency: https://en.travel.com.vn
  3. Phongnhatourism: http://phongnhatourism.com.vn/en/


  1. Camera, charger are priority.
  2. Dry towel is must-have!
  3. Bring swimwear and dry clothes as well: in case you visit Thuy Cung cave, it will be uncompleted trip if not swimming.
  4. Remember to carry a waterproof bag to protect the phone.
  5. If you want to record videos while sliding zipline and explore Dark Cave, you need to bring a gopro or selfie stick.
  6. Bring some fresh water and snack. The trip waste energy so much.


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